Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Helpful Gift-Buying Tipe for Men

Helpful Gift-Buying Tips for Men
  • Never give her anything that you bought in an airport gift shop.
  • If the words "she could really use this," cross your mind while holding a gift, put it down and leave the store.
  • If you have a teenage daughter, beg her to help you pick out something for your wife.
  • A Blu-ray disc player is not a gift to her. That's a gift for you.
  • If you ask your wife/girlfriend what she wants and she replies "nothing," do not believe her.
  • Keep track. A friend once presented his spouse with a pink turtleneck, two Christmases in a row.
  • Never give your mother and your wife the same thing.
  • Anything you bought on Christmas Eve at Walgreens is not something you should tuck under the tree for her.
  • The thought doesn't count. You don't get points for trying hard.
  • A vacuum? Are you insane?

Last, ask a women for help but be prepared to open your wallet wide.
You can never go wrong with cashmere!

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Very true!!! :)
Merry Christmas and you and your family!


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