Saturday, July 18, 2009

50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat - Week 1

Did you know that cats are capable of making as many as 20 meow sounds? Each meow has a distinctive message that can be misinterpreted by humans.

Mew - tiny sounds from young kittens - seeking food or warmth.

Chirp - musical sounds seems to end in a question mark - friendly greeting, such as "welcome home."

Meow - commanding your immediate attention. "Come play with me - NOW."

Hiss - "Back off"

Purr - cats purr when content.

Cats understand our voice tone much better that any specific word. My cats jump on the kitchen counter when I'm cooking and I say "D-O-N" meaning DOWN and they run for cover!

Make sure to chat with your cat often - they love soothing, flattering tones.

Use your cat's name everytime you talk to him so that he'll recognize his name. Most cats recognize that their name is associated with good things - treats, play, petting...


Beth said...

I joke all the time and call myself the crazy cat lady because I'm always talking to my cat. He seems to understand what I'm saying to him too! Non-cat people just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

@Elizabeth- You're right cat people just don't get it! I have five cats oldest being 17 and youngest is 9 and they seem to know exactly what I'm saying to them :)


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