Monday, October 18, 2010

The Cutest Scrapbook Flowers

Not sure how a week passed and I haven't posted anything.
I've been working on a scrapbook album  for Ashley's sorority that will be put up for a silent auction in a few weeks. Somehow it's become much bigger than it was ever intended to be and it's got me a little overwhelmed.

Part of the project is to make most of the embellishments from scrapbook paper and I came up with this super cute flower to use. And it's so easy that I need to share it with you.

Items you need:
scrapbook paper of your choice
flower paper puncher (much quicker than drawing a circle and cutting it out)
spray water bottle
some brads

Cut or punch out 5 to 6 flowers for each flower
lay them out and spray them lightly with a water bottle

then take each flower and scrunch it up into a tiny wad.
Once they're all wadded up, unfold them.
Be careful because when they're wet, they're more fragile and easier to tear.

Pierce a hole in the middle of each flower and then put them in a layer and add the brad.
Then one by one, push each layer up around the brad.
Start slowly moving the layers down and it's done!

Once the flowers dry, they're really sturdy and each one is so different.

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Roeshel said...

Super cute! Great tutorial!

Thanks for sharing the Cottage Cupcake giveaway with your readers! ;)

Good luck! Have a great week, Terry!


My Cottage Charm said...

Hi there! I LOVE your little flowers....I am def gonna give that a try. I have some cute flower patterns for my cricut and this would be great to use for those too! :)
By the way, I'm Missy from My Cottage Charm...glad you like my cupcakes and thanks for posting it on your blog! :)

My Cottage Charm said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

How cute is this? I'll definitely try this sometime. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

Jennifer Leigh said...

Ohhhh, I like these. I will have to try this! Thanks!

Dawnll said...

I love these flowers and always forget to add them in.
So how is the album going? I can't wait to see it completed.Hope you share it.

Unknown said...

Just adorable!

Jen @ EmbellishingLifeEveryday said...

These are so cute! I'm going to have to try these out this weekend. Thanks for linking up to Craft Catwalk!

Melissa Samuels said...

Oh, my favorite, flowers!! TFS! And, thanks for visiting my blog. >Hugs<

TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

These are soooooooooo cute!!! Thanks for this! :)

Marguerite said...

These are adorable! It makes me wish that I still had my crafts business, so I could make bunches of them, for my shows. Thanks for sharing!


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