Friday, October 5, 2012

My Favorite Container Store Item

Since the closest Container Store is 3 hours away, we don't get there very often.
The first time I went into The Container Store, it was overwhelming and I didn't buy anything.
Since that visit, I've bought a few items from them and I do have one item
that is hands down my favorite purchase ever!
The Organised
As part of the 20 Days Challenge on day 9, 
we were to organize the plastic container cupboard. 
Since we all tend to have so many plastic containers, it's very easy to get unorganized quickly.
And that's where my all time favorite Container Store item comes into the picture.

This is a picture of what my cabinet looks like with all of my plastic stuff.
This is a picture untouched and it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.
this wire basket that holds our plastic containers is my all time favorite Container Store item.
I love this basket because I can see what I have, a size I might need to buy the next time I'm at the store or if I have too  many lids. This basket forces me to only get containers that will fit which helps keep the cabinet organized.

Here's my cupboard after I pulled out the wire basket.
I did a little organizing of containers we use for freezing tomatoes,
this year our tomatoes didn't produce like other years due to the high temps and no rain.
Plus I have a few Tupperware containers that I couldn't part with that are perfect
for storing items in the pantry.

The wire basket goes in front for easy pull out and to the right side is the bigger plastic containers
for food storage. They work great for storing cut up fruit such as watermelon,
storing cookies or salads.

On the bottom shelf I use a plastic basket for storing the electric knife, the salad shooter and hand held mixer. Much easier to grab when needed and keeps them all together.

I didn't show the back of this shelf but it holds a few more Tupperware containers
that I couldn't part with and use often. In front are a couple of plastic bowls and rectangular containers which are perfect for storing leftover soup or food items.

And here's my cabinet all organized and everything is easy to see and find when needed.
Now I can't say the same thing for my utensil drawer, that's a total disaster and
I'll be busy purging and organizing today.
The Organised Housewife
While this challenge is now over, I am
playing catch up so stay tune for more organizing things to come!
(Exciting I know! lol)
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Patty said...

I love to see how people organize things. I like you new container. I haven't been to the container store that opened up near me yet. I can't wait to visit it. You will enjoy your newly organized space.

Anonymous said...

What is the basket from Container Store called? I am looking for it online without much luck! Thanks!


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