Sunday, June 21, 2009

Resolution - Go Camping?

Do you like to go camping? Whether it's rain or shine, there's always some element that I don't enjoy. Whether it be walking one mile to go to the bathroom let alone take a community shower, the bugs, smelling like a bonfire 24/7, up late because the neighbor next door is partying all night. I've done some camping - oh yeah - sleeping on the ground - that's the top of my all time camping favorites.

Well today in the nedwspaper ads, K-Mart has some great pictures selling their tents. How I wish that my camping experience could compare to the ads. Could it be possible that maybe we did something wrong when we went camping? I think my sisters tent blew down in the night when it poured, and they were so much fun in the morning.

Does your tent look like any of these pictures? And camping in a motorhome, is not camping.


Kmart tents


You can camp your way and click here to see my idea of camping!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Nope - I don't go camping. My idea of camping is a nice, safe, clean, up to date motel room, access to good, reasonably price food close by, and close to lots of antique/thrift/junk/reasonably price boutique type shops.:-)

bj said...

O, I always hated camping with a PASSION!! Not for me, either...NOW, RV'ing...another story! :)

Neabear said...

We have camped a lot over the years. It was easier when we were younger and the kids loved it too. Camping, fishing, water skiing, relaxing in a hammock and reading a book, falling asleep in the hammock. The only unpleasant thing was hiking up to the pit toilets when ever you had to take a pee. That part was scary at night.


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