Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spice Jar Organization

This is a repost of how I organized my spice jars and I'm happy to say after four months, this cabinet is still organized.

One day, while innocently reading the MANY blogs that I do, I came across a blog about Organizing Your Pantry and I was instantly drawn to the cute spice containers and the chalkboard paint.

Here's the way my spices looked before..typical different containers, all packed in. To pull out one meant most of them would need to come out to find the one I needed...

 I purchased 6 sets of spice containers from eBay and got busy.
When I set them on the counter, I'm thinking that I've over estimated the amount that I need - but I used every one and acutally need more!

I decided against the chalkboard paint, worried that the name might get smudged off and then what? So I searched online for free spice labels and loved these Martha Stewart labels.

One I had all the labels made, cut out and taped was really easy to pour the spices in and start organizing.

Remember these spice containers?

I've now separated the spices in the cupboard and put baking spices on the second shelf...

And the cooking spices that we use more often on the bottom shelf.

Sadly, the other side of each shelf still needs to be worked on...

And here's my other side, still needing help.....

On the top shelf I have this spice container setup that I found at Goodwill awhile back and poured all my colored sprinkles in and make my own sand art...

But I'm in love with my new spice containers.......

Be sure to stop by Funky Junky Interiors for more inspiration..
Have a great weekend!

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Dawnll said...

Oh I love these-I am so into organizing! I have about 50 of the Tupperware spice containers and two spinning racks.
Isn't it wonderful to look at them and see them so pretty -lined up and all.

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

This really looks nice! I dry herbs fresh from the garden and often would love to give away as a gift. This would be perfect. Thank you for sharing.

I would be honored to have you add it to my blog party

Amaze Me Monday Blog Party

Amy said...

Ooooooh, I know what I'm doing on our snowday! I have a friend that gave me a whole tub of baby food jars - this will be PERFECT! THANK YOU!!!

. said...

I love your spice containers too!! :)

I have those containers you used in my craft room for buttons and stuff like that. Someday it might be cleaned up enough for me to actually take pictures. LOL

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I love it - it looks so pretty and organized. I really need to sort out my spices as well.


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