Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Selling Magazines On Facebook?

Awhile ago I joined a Facebook group named The Scrap Yard.
It's a wonderful group of papercrafters that buy, sell or trade unwanted stamping, crafting or scrapbooking supplies.
I have bought many things from this group and decided to try to sell some of my things on this page. 

In my attempt to reorganize my craft space, I had a LOT of scrapbook magazines
that I never looked at but couldn't throw in the trash. I decided to see
if anyone on The Scrap Yard FB page would be interested in buying them.
The response was an overwhelming YES!

This is maybe half of the scrapbooking magazines that I put up for sale.
Many of the magazines were bought off ebay several years ago.

And then there's the magazines that I had subscribed too.

And more magazines..

I counted how many I had put up for sale.
106 magazines!
I sold 103 of them!
Wow, I was suprised that I had that many magazines,
and really happy because I made a little over $200!
Crazy huh?
This was a huge project, listing, taking pictures, mailing out the magazines,
but so worth it!
So if you're hoarding magazines like me,
think about selling them,
you'd be surprised how freeing it is!
Thanks for stopping by today!


Annie-Savor This Moment said...

How much did you sell each for? Did you give a bulk discount? Just curious since I have a bunch to get rid of, too.


Hilary said...

Just found your blog and saw this and thought: "My day has been made!" Great info ... I applied to join the Facebook group and am following your blog now!

Robyn said...

Wow! You had a TON of magazines and what an awesome idea on FB... I have Magazines but they aren't crafting magazines.. How awesome that you made some money back on them. Way to go! :)


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