Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Valentine Swap and Vintage Valentine Goodie Bag

I participated in a Valentine stick pin swap hosted by One Happy Crafty Chick.
Each participant was to make 5 stick pins and a card.
My card turned out so pretty, if I do say so myself!
 I used some of my stash to make this card.
(My Minds Eye and valentine emphemera from Michaels craft store.)
I made a easel card to hold the stick pins for a beautiful presentation.

Lots of embellishments were added in the corner and I also tucked in a stick pin.

I've become obsessed with stick pins lately and they are so easy to do and not too expensive.

Once the card is completely opened, there are more embellishments inside.

Probably the hardest part in making stick pins, was finding the pins.
The best length for the pins is 2 1/2 to 3 inches and I couldn't find any at my local WalMart
but I was able to find them at Joanns and Hobby Lobby.

Wal Mart carries a huge selection of beads so that helped keep the cost down.

It was so much fun adding different beads and seeing how it came together.
Now let me show you what my Valentine Swap partner sent me.
Kim doesn't have a blog or YT channel but is a lover of scrapbooking YT videos like I am.
Love this angel cat card and the stick pins are adorable. Love the angel stick pin!!
One of the fun things with swaps is that typically you include scrapbooking supplies, she
was kind enough to include several cute stamps!
And she also included some different trims and made me a pin cushion.
I've been thinking I needed a pin cushion, just hadn't gotten around to making one.
so this was an excellant gift!
As I think I've said before, I spend a LOT of time on YT and
am seriously considering moving to YT, just need to figure out
how it all works.
I've got several projects in process, one being a recipe mini album, alphabet mini album,
layouts from Macie's first birthday and 2012 Christmas.
Before I end, let me share what I recently won from It's Only A Dream.
Dawn made this vintage inspired Valentine bag with so many extras - tags, card, candy and all the pretty embellishments!

And she even tucked in a stick pin and isn't that cupid so cute?

Loving the vintage looking tags, all free printables on her blog.
Also include in the valentine bag is a mini bag of M & M's.
Such a cute idea and I'm so happy with all of this!
Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Thanks for stopping by.


Patty said...

Everything is so pretty! What talented friends you have. I hadn't seen the stick pin craze but I think I could get it very easily! They look like fun to make!

Robyn said...

Oh Terry everything you made and everything you received is just so pretty and so beautifully lady like.. I love it all.

Barb S said...

Very pretty stick pins! I am obsessed with YouTube videos myself! I watch them all the time and I love doing it. Thanks for sharing your swap....

Ricki Treleaven said...

Terry, these little Valentine's sweeties are so cute! LOVE the stick pins. Y'all are all so creative!

Unknown said...
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