Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mom's Book of Answers

Did you know there's a book called, "Mom's Book of Answers?" This is such a cute book and it's full of motherly wisdom that you've probably said or heard your mom say to you as a child or maybe as an adult?!?

I find myself saying this at work...

This one is really important right now....

How many times have we said this?

Oh, I'm so excited to say that I received by Valentine Swap gift from AnnOnandOn. Dark chocolate sauce...I'm thinking hot fudge sundaes coming my way very soon! Ann - Thank you so much, it makes me hungry just thinking about it - great gift! And my DH thanks you too! :)

Happy Wednesday!



Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Oh mercy...I say those things ALL the time.

Neabear said...

The sauce sounds yummy. I remember some of those kinds of sayings. Probably said some of them too.


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