Friday, January 2, 2009

Wedding 2008

Happy New Year!

Hard to believe that it's been a month-and-a-half now since Crystal and Stuart got married. Crystal is my oldest daughter and I can't figure out where the time went that she could be old enough to get married, let alone that I can have a daughter old enough to get married.

Crystal was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen! Okay, so I'm her mom but it's true - she glowed like nothing I have ever seen.

I'm attempting to learn how to set up pictures like this and boy, it was complicated. That is until I looked up help and got it straightened around. The blog directions say it can take 15-30 minutes to set up but this has taken me much longer. Guess it's because I'm OLD and not tech savvy like my kids.

But check back daily, I promise to send updates and get this blog looking fancy smanzy sometime this year!

Poo poo dee doooo


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