Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crafting Adventures

Last weekend, my daughter,Crystal and her DH moved an hour and a half away. So this weekend, my youngest daughter and I went to go check out their new place.(it's fabulous!) Because they (my daughters)are always hearing about the creative blogs, I told them I would bring a couple of craft projects for us to work on. One project was to decoupage the first inital of our names. C - Crystal, A - Ashley and T - Terry....CAT....we think they turned out really cute.

The second craft project was to make a topiary. Have you ever seen how expensive these are? I decided to try to make one this weekend and while it was time consuming - it was not difficult at all. I had bought three green sprays, thinking this would be enough for three topiary's. But I found out that one topiary takes two sprays so I'll need to make a pitstop at Hobby Lobby someday to get more supplies.

I bought these tin pots at Dollar Tree but the color was not good...

Here's the afterward - I wished the picture was better - If I do say so myself - it turned out really good....

I told Crystal that the next time I come to visit, it will be craft time again and I think I know what we'll be doing..

Cork board covered in some fun paper with whte ribbon around the edges..

Fun, new use for the vintage drink caddies...and another way to use those white milk glass bowls that seem to be everywhere (now that I'll be looking, they won't be anywhere to be found)

Updated idea to update the out of date picture frames with decorative paper and wood letters....

Aren't these three just the cutest ideas and yet so easy?


Anonymous said...

Hi and it's nice to meet you! Oh, you are the craftiest one! Look at these cute letters. Well, you already know how to decoupage, so you can make the fashion plates and you'll be fabulous! I like that little topiary too! Love how you painted the tin black. I've made some of these. I have a couple on my mantle in some pretty urns and I made mine a double topiary with the wood and foam dummy. It's so much fun making things. I hope you'll come back to see me sometimes.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Neabear said...

Some really fun ideas here. I have seen those tins at our Dollar Tree here.


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