Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Works for Me Wed - Organizing Mail Mess

It's Wednesday and it's time for Works For Me Wednesday hosted by We Are That Family. I've been spending quite a bit of time organizing various areas in my kitchen and it seems it seems that the kitchen counter is the dumping ground for mail and it was taking over. I happen to follow the blog -
Virtually Organized by Debbie and received a newsletter last weekend. The newsletter peaked my curiosity about maximizing your kitchen cabinets and controlling clutter.

I encourage everyone to check out her site because she has several weblogs on

Here's some pictures of the mail and paper in the kitchen that is really out of control..

This truly was the kitchen counter, I really thought I was an organized person until I saw what this looked like..

I also thought by having a holder on the refrigerator, I was organized but look at the mess..pretty stressful..definitely not as organized as I thought I was...

I took everything and made stacks of what to keep and what was trash(more trash than good stuff here).

I bought this wire basket at Wally world and I had the files in my office..and I made different for each person in the house, Things To Do, To Read, Hold File & Things to Consider...

Now - I think I'm organized and it looks like it...

Anybody want the holder that I had on the refrigerator? It's not going to be needed anymore..

This definitely works for me!


Carrie said...

I just love your new basket. I am now off to find one for myself.

nikkicrumpet said...

UGH mail mess has me utterly defeated. I've tried baskets, bins, and files...and my hubby still insists on plopping it down on the kitchen island. And when I move it and try to organize...he accuses me of hiding it and blames me for the bills not getting paid lol. I GIVE UP. But I'm glad you've found a solution!

Jennifer (Niffer) said...

I'm seriously cracking up! I use the same basket!!!

Check my WFMW post and you'll see!

I have to file/ to shred/ to pay/ coupons (that haven't gotten into my coupon binder yet)/ recipes to file/ and receipts! Love this system. can't stuff too much in there (only a week or two) so it forces me to actually file the papers to their permanent home!

I use the last compartment for my kids' school handbooks/ phone numbers for easy access.


Neabear said...

This looks like a wonderful idea. I may need to do something like that because my refrigerator looks something like yours did. LOL!


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