Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I still haven't dug out my fall decorations and I know why?
Check out where they're stored... all the way in the back under the steps.

A peek into how I manage to look organized but it's only on the surface.

I did call in sick today, woke up with a bad headache and achy. I did happen to spend a little time online reading blogs(no surprise to Crystal)...and I found this home decor store, called Wisteria that I really liked. Have you heard of them? And got me some mercury glass pumpkins!

I just love mercury glass - I'm sure I could find a place in my house for any of these items...

Wouldn't these be so pretty at Christmas time?

I love this mirror, but at $198 - I'll just be dreaming of this in my house.

Now that I slept most of the day, I'll probably be up all night. Guess I can pull out the decorations.

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