Monday, May 31, 2010

Things Are Wrapping Up Nicely!

Here's our dresser as it's been for the past 20 some's really a nice set but I wanted to brighten it up and update the look of our bedroom.

The tall dresser is overtaken by the TV. And I tend to put my shopping purchases there until I can put them away.

And none of this would be possible without my DH - only a mother could love this look! He never complained when the temps hit 80 plus degrees and the sweat was pouring off him.

I've got a couple of pictures to give you a sneak preview..all painted, glazed and sealed...

The glazing is what takes all of the furniture to the next level.

We're very happy with how it turned out, today we'll be putting it back into the bedroom and getting everything back in place.

I wonder if I can talk DH into painting the ceiling fan?

I got the picture at Gordman's a couple of weeks again in the clearance row for $2.

Definitely not loving the light switches but I can't cover them up.

I love my Willow Tree figurine - this one I bought but I've found many at Goodwill.
I also got this birdhouse at Gordman's for a couple of dollars - I find they have the best patriotic stuff around.

Missing everyone a great Memorial Weekend.


Beth said...

I can't wait to see the big reveal! I love Willow Tree figurines. I have not been lucky enough to find any at Goodwill...yet.

marie said...

I got my first willow tree figurine a few months ago. My mother died and a good friend of mine gave me the generation figurine. Last year, my mother inlaw and I went shopping for my daughter and she bought her that very same figurine with the folded flag. My son in law is a marine and was serving in Iraq. I didn't think anything about her giving my daughter that figurine, but she realized that the figurine was for someone who has lost a loved one, perhaps on the battlefield or while serving at war. When a soldier or veteran dies, their family is given a folded flag which is usually draped across the casket during their funeral. My poor mother inlaw apologized and asked my daughter to let her take it back to the store and trade it for another. Just thought I'd share.

marie said...
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