Friday, May 4, 2012

Rag Towel Tutorial - Snip It Up!

One of my sponsors, Barbara from Snip It Up sells the cutest rag quilts and
sewing projects in her Etsy store!

Let me show you a few of her items
and see if you fall in love with her store as I am...

I love this shabby chis rag quilt...
so perfect to throw over a chair on the deck...
or maybe just snuggle up with it while watching TV....

How cute are these flowers on this rag quilt?
The appliques are so pretty with all the fraying and fringes...

Not all quilts have a feminine touch, this would make such a cute baby gift for that special newborn boy... and how perfect because with each washing, these quilts get softer and more cuddly...

Such a cute summer quilt to take to the beach or pool..
The little girls are just darling in their swimming suits...
the choice of colors works so nicely together, don't they?

Barbara took on another version of the rag quilt by making this rag purse...
Easy directions and all the material is included in this kit..
Just darling...

But today I wanted to show you one of my favorite
more affordable items in her store...
and it's another take on the rag quilt
I love this rag kitchen towel so much!
Barbara can tell you that I've asked so many questions
as to how to make this towel..
because I don't want to buy something to sew if it's going to be too difficult...
and today she's got a tutorial to share...

For each kit you get everything you need
okay maybe not a needle and thread...
each kit will make two towels..
one for you and maybe the other one for someone else?

So let's get started on how to make this hand towel!

Start off by cutting the following pieces of material:
1 pc 3.5” x 15” Printed Fabric
1 pc 2.5” x 15” Printed Fabric
2 pc 3.5” x 15” Muslin
2 pc 2.5” x 15” Muslin
Cut out appliques as shown.
(For each printed fabric you will need 2 pcs of muslin.}

Then cut the Flour Sack into 2 pcs approx 14” x 25”.

Place the layered polka dot fabric (1 pc printed fabric with 2 pcs muslin) on
bottom edge of the flour sack as shown.
Stitch on top using a 1/2” seam.
And then do the same thing with the strawberry print...

Now take the polka dot fabric (1 pc printed fabric with 2 pcs muslin) and place on
bottom edge of the strawberry fabric and stitch 1/2” seam.
You will be stitching 6pcs of fabric so you will want to go slow.

Snip both seams using small snips and try to get as close to the stitch line as possible.
Remember, the smaller the snips, the better the fluff!

Take your pretty yellow flower fabric, flower centers and leaf appliques
(1 printed fabric with 2 pcs muslin) and pin to the flour sack to your liking. 

Stitch around each one using 1/4” seam and snip all edges.

One more step to go...Yippee!
Lay the front on top of the remaining flour sack and trim off the excess which should be approx. 6”. Stitch all around using 1/2” seam and snip.
Repeat for towel #2.

  When completed just toss in wash and dryer and go reward yourself with a nice piece of chocolate!
(heck I was having chocolate while reading how to do this!)

Thanks Barbara for showing how to make this super cute towel...
Remember that Barbara does sell this as a kit...
I hope you'll stop over and take a look at all of her beautiful creations!


Cathy said...

This is adorable! And what a darling gift it would make too. Thank you so much for sharing this! I love it!

Cathy ♥

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Lovely!! So pretty - and perfect as a gift :)
Greetings from Australia♥

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing--everything looks so pretty. I love rag quilts. I used to buy them from a lady on e-bay and I have gotten so much use out of them! They have been washed a million times and still look great1

chipper87 said...

Where did you find that strawberry print? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Terry said...

Check with Barbara at her etsy store and she should be able to let you know where she got that fabric!


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