Friday, June 22, 2012

Your Favorite Pins - Week 4

I decided to share the pins from Pinterest that were clicked on the most..
and you have great taste as these are fun to share today....

pinterest source

It's been years and I mean years since I've done any embrodiery and this is a link to get the pattern
for the cute and decorative....

There are so many yummy looking pictures of food on Pinterest, doesn't lemon zucchini bread with a lemon glaze sound delicious! I have never bought a zucchini before so please let me know
if you have a favorite recipe..

pinterest source

I could've shared this yesterday when I shared my love for pink...
The fabric all nicely folded and the containers all labeled and everything in order
is very appealing to me. If you love fabric, you will want to click over because
she shares many more pictures of her space and TONS of fabric!
What a yummy sounding dessert....a marshmallow wrapped up in a crescent roll...
called Hocus Pocus because the marshmallow disappears...

Did you get in on the Elf on the Shelf craze last Christmas?
This blogger has been doing this for three years and so many ideas to have fun with your family!

This picture was enough for me to click over and check it out...a face mask to remove acne scars....
lots of comments on this post and it seems that it works...

Who doesn't love Dr Oz? Hungry Girl shares several lowfat recipes for reducing fat and calories using box cake mixed. This one is using one cup of greek yogurt with a moist style cake..

Because I am a lover of shabby chic, I am in love with this planted made with rusty
containers...I will now be on the look out for some to make one of these next year...

I've heard this before but it's just too funny to not share...

Thanks for stopping by
and wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

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Linda Jordan said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun pins, I'm definitely going to check some of these out :) Thanks for visiting my blog also, I appreciate the feedback!!



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