Friday, September 6, 2013

A Glimpse of my FiloFax Pages

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Yesterday I shared the first five days of the Photo-A-Day challenge.

I promised that I would share a few of my pages and how I've decorated them up to be cute and fun and yet also help me keep track of things I either need to remember to do or appointments.

My very first page!
Added some washi tape and a cute sticker along with using various jell pens, so colorful and fun!

I learned that jell pens might be fun but I need to keep the page open so it dries and doesn't smudge.
Don't you love the little glasses on the bottom left? It's from a Barbie sticker pack I picked up at Michaels.

On this page I'm starting to log things that I need to do to get my craft room organized.
Let's just say, I made the tabs and then got sidetracked to continue with
organizing my space. Hopefully I'll be able to make some progress this weekend.
(Pictures coming in the future!)
Yesterday I decorated the pages for the next 2 weeks and will add to do stuff this weekend.
There are so many cute stationary items for sale, I love these little post it notes!
I love all the bright colors on these two pages, by adding some fun washi tape down each page,
it really makes these pages fun!
Well that's it for today!
I'm excited for the mailman to show up today!
I ordered this purple Saffiano Personal Organizer.
You ask, why do I need another one?
Well, I've got a different plan in mine as to how I'll use it.
Have a great weekend!!

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