Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 6 - 8 of the Planner Addicts Challenge

Today I'm sharing day 6 - 8 day of the photo a day for the challenge sponsored by Planner Addicts on FB.
Day 6 On the Go: I carry my Filofax in my purse everywhere I go. On my way to work I pulled it out of my purse and snapped this picture while at a traffic light. I don't know if anyone saw me taking this picture but I thought it was funny!

Day 7 My workspace: I spend most of my Saturday cleaning and reorganizing my craft room and I
am so happy how it's coming together. I hope to get the room completely finished this coming weekend and will share my space as soon as possible!

Day 8 Stickers: So I gathered my Filofax stickers and headed outside to our deck and my hubby is looking at me (doesn't say anything) so I say - don't ask! And I start to pull out my sticker collection
and set them out all pretty to share.
And I started snapping pictures of my stickers, my qualification for stickers to be bought - they must be cute! Don't you just love that little deer and bunny?

I can't remember where I got the black and white people stickers but they are adorable.
Right now I can't imagine using them. Yes, I am a hoarder!

Many of my stickers and post it note sets come from Amazon, this set is called
Hello! Coco Sticky book.
These are all post it notes and super cute!

I love to get post it notes that come in a set, this little set is called Say Hello!
I found this cute office type post it note kit in TJ Maxx!
Love that typewriter and the pencils with all the different colors.
My last stickers that I'll share today (yes, I have more but I don't want to
share how much of a hoarder I am) are these cute Asian girl stickers.
I know there's an official name for them but I need to get going
and get some things done before heading to work.
So that's a glimpse of my stickers.
Are you a part of the Filofax/planner craze?
Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for taking time out of your day to stop by!

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