Saturday, May 30, 2009

Are You A Millionaire?

A Mother"s Wages

If I could charge one cent each time
I washed by children's clothes,
Or tied a shoe or gave a bath
Or wiped a running nose,
Or made a bed or acted as
Their judge or referee,
It would be possible that I
Could live in luxury.

If I were paid a nickel for
Each diaper that I've pinned
For every Band-Aid I've applied
When arms or legs were skinned,
For every toy that I've picked up
And put back in it's niche,
There wouldn't be a single doubt-
Why, I could be rich.

If just one dime would be my fee
For giving them a pill,
For making meals and wiping up
The milk they always spill,
For darning scores of tiny socks,
For fixing things that break,
It wouldn't be too long before
A fortune I would make.

Although it's true I don't receive
A solitary cent,
Yet I'm repaid in many ways
For all the time I've spent.
Their smiles, their love in my reward
For this unending care,
And I am richer, yes, by far
Than any millionaire!

1 comment:

ImagineCozy said...

That rocker is a FIND! I would love it on my patio.

I found a darling white twin bed for my three year old at a yard sale this weekend --- I have been looking for months and it was just the right one. Sooo fun.


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