Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun New Finds - Today'sThrifty Treasures

This weekend was another typical weekend for me...a shopping trip to Goodwill. This time I was looking for a white sugar bowl and I've learned that if I'm looking for something specific at Goodwill - the chances of finding what I want, won't happen. So I go in with an open mind (probably too open minded for DH :) )

I found a white sugar bowl and it was cute but it had a chip on it andI know that if I'm patient - I'll find exactly what I'm looking for, so I left it there for someone else. As I've said before, I'm always amazed at what people give away - of course, I'm not complaining - just amazed at what people get rid of.

I've learned to head right over to the book section before going anywhere else. This weekend I found several books that were like brand new and cost $.75 a piece! Are you kidding me? I usually get to the store and someone else has filled their cart with books - bit this time I scored! While I do get most of my books at the library - $.75 a book, I can't imagine not picking up these books.

I love to read Debbie Macomber books and got my daughter hooked on her so I always look for her books and I scored again this weekend!

But I'm not one to be satisifed with just taking books home with me - I went to the other GW store. I always find something wonderful and yesterday was no exception.

I found this GOLF hanging for my golf obsessed son-in-law ( I mean this in a good way Stuart!)

A couple of cute pillows to put out on the back covered deck.

Gold sunflower watering can - spray paint project -this is going pink!

Cute angel hanging - already hanging in my kitchen.

But my best find was this lamp - I seem to gravitate to it shabby chic or what? And I got it for $4!

Be sure to stop over at Southern Hospitality and check out the other thrify finds - it's so much fun to see what's been found!


Crystal said...

I love the lamp!! It's so cute and will look really nice in your office!!

Can't wait to read those books!!

Neabear said...

Great finds! I have and have read that Debbie Macomber book. She is my fav author. You won't find me getting rid of my Debbie Macomber collection. LOL!


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