Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Room still in limbo

Two weeks ago, we had new carpet installed in the lower level of our house. Before we had al light cream but it was getting worn out from pets and kids. We now have carpet that's a dark, shaggy brown and we love it.

But after the carpet color changed, we didn't like the color of the walls anymore, they were a minty shade of green. We decided to paint the entire lower level, correction, we decided to hire a gal who has painted for us before to paint the lower level. (If we painted, we've end up using 10 gallons of paint, not to mention, taking off an entire week to get it done. ) She was able to get it painted in a day and a half and used three gallons! The color is now a light beige and the place feels like a new home.

We brought the sofa back in the house and decided that it doesn't fit the room anymore nor do we like it. I really like the paisley print but it has a pillow back that isn't attached and they were always falling down whenever we sat on it. And we also had two recliners that I picked out several years ago but they've always been too big for the room. So we're getting rid of the sofa and our recliners. We've been furniture shopping and we can't seem to agree on what we should get. DH would really like to get leather and I'd really like to get a sage green chenille sofa & loveseat.

I'm happy to say that we found a sofa, loveseat and chair and it's going to be delivered on Friday(same time I'm having my rummage) so it might be a little crazy here that day.

Today ! put things back on the book case but I don't want to hang any pictures until I know how to furniture will be laid out.

Not liking the pink bubblegum machine, might become a rummage item.

I've had this sign for a long time and still love it (sorry for the glare of the flash).

The lamp somehow got broke, not by me but by DH...( I'm innocent)

In the process of putting things away, I found this video that I'm thinking that someone up above might be giving me a message...

The family room continues to be in limbo and the cars sitting outside...


Neabear said...

Makes for crazy disorganized times for you. But will be nice eventually right?

Shawna Bates said...

Love that raggedy ann and andy picture!!! Also LOVE walk away the pounds!! That program rocks!!


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