Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Decorating Dilemma

Over at Serenity Now, there's a Decorating Dilemma party.

My dilemma is the patio in ourbackyard. We've got this wonderful table and chairs in black but the bakers rack is white. Should I paint it black?

The only thing I want to keep on the backers rack is the antique Coca Cola cooler that I got a few years ago at an auction. Otherwise, I'm not really into collecting Coca Cola things.

I can't seem make this area feel inviting..

I need someone to help me figure out how to bring it all together...

We hardly spend anytime out here and I know it's because it's not inviting. I need to leave the table here because on our covered deck, I have my white wicker loveseat and chairs.

And next week, I'll post more pictures of the covered deck - it's starting to come together but would welcome more ideas.

How do I bring a black table and chairs come together with my otherwise white beachy look? DH says I can't paint the table white either...


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi, Terry! Thanks for joining the party. :) Just a note...would you mind editing the link to my site so that it goes directly to my party? That way your readers will be able to find the party later on. :) Here's my link:

I actually really really like your black table and chairs. Maybe you could tie it in with the white wicker by making or purchasing cushions that would coordinate with the pretty toile. (Is that Waverly?) Maybe toile with stripes on one side?

I also like your shelf unit/potting bench. Maybe you could move it to the other side of the window for some height on that side? If you found a shorter, wider shelf/storage piece, you could use it as a buffet when you have dinner outside, or maybe to rest a cool sign on. :)

Thanks again for coming to the party. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your porch! For the patio, I would also move the shelf to the right for some height in that area. Also adding a white or lighter colored tablecloth( it could be a smaller square) to the table would help to blend your set with your decorating colors.Hope this helps, have fun with it.

Neabear said...

Tablecloth and cushions for the black table and chairs might be good. Also I agree with moving the bakers rack for height. Another idea to help frame the area might be to add more of the the plant hanger poles along that short edge of the patio to join the one you already have there. Something that pulls you in to wanting to sit there. Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

Could you possibly paint the backers rack black to tie it in to the table and chairs? I would also suggest putting cushions in the chairs and maybe an outdoor rug under the table to warm the space up. Also, just a suggestion, maybe paint the back door frame black? Just a suggestion. Good luck!


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