Friday, August 21, 2009

Typical Frat House?

Yesterday, I talked about moving my daughter to college this weekend for her second year and all the beautiful dorm rooms that I dreamt of for her living in.

Well when my son moved into a frat house, his second year, I was speechless.. Okay maybe I got a little loud and okay maybe I embarassed my son...but look at this place - and see if you would be quiet.

Here's a shot of the kitchen, check out the stove. It was covered with grease and talk about filthy - where's the health dept?

And the dirty dishes - sitting there since school ended in May..gross.

Not sure what room this is called -but it smelled like a bar after New Years Eve.

And the carpets were worn, not to mention filthy and trash was everywhere.

Did I mention the the carpets were disgusting not to mention the other floors were really sticky?

I don't know if you can see how filthy the steps were.

Someone left all their belongings in thr house for the next year, but what about picking up before leaving?

Another area where someone cleaned out of a room so that they could move in.

Another hallway leading to more rooms - can you believe the trash?

I needed to use the bathroom and the floors were so sticky not to mention all of the porn magazines on the floor. The garbage can is the size that most people use for the garbage man and it was overflowing with empty beer cans....with plenty more on the floor.

It was very hard to leave my son at school, the window in his room was broke out so they had a piece of plywood up - can this be safe?

Several months later I actually got a call from the local fraternity asking for a donation....I hung up on them. Michael lived here for 2 years and then his senior year he moved into an apartment. Is partytime really that important?


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Oh my! That is pretty bad.

Beth said...

Ewww! Who would want to live in that filt? I guess they stayed drunk to escape reality!

schellbell said...

give me a break. that house was sweet

Neabear said...

I thought it was gross. But to each his own. Makes you wonder if these guys ever learned to respect other people's things.


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