Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Idaho Tomatoes?

We're on vacation this week visiting DH's parents in Idaho.

Everyone knows that Idaho is known for their potatos but I'm thinking Idaho might be known for their tomatoes. The weather has been super hot, 100 degrees with barely a breeze and you'd think that with it being so hot; the lawns would be yellow and the gardens would be withering. At DH's parents house - the yard is a plush as the most expensive
carpet and the tomatoes are beautiful.

Look at how big the plant is! Kind of similar to a small bush..

The tomatoes look like bananas - growing in clumps..

The bed is raised so DHD doesn't have to bend over and makes it easy to pick the tomatoes. He's even got a sprinkler hose rigged through the tomatoes to water the plants every morning.

He even built a cover for when the sun shines down...

This protects the plants from being burned by the sun.

Here's DHD working on lowering the cover - I told him he'd be famous now!

And here's the tomato patch that DHM is growing - her patch is in front of the house. One plant looks real good but the other one - not so good. I'm thinking DHD might have done something to make it look so sad...perhaps Round-Up?

Tomorrow we start the trip back home, but for today - it's relax and enjoy being with DH's parents...

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Neabear said...

So nice that you could visit them.


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