Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Jar of Birthday Memories

Today is my birthday!
I'm not ashamed to say how old I am...52 years young and so appreciative that I am
alive and healthy and life is good!

I thought I'd share some birthday decorations that I've saved through all the birthday cakes that my kids have had.

Until recently I had them all stuffed in this plastic ziploc bag, and each time there was a
birthday cake with fun decorations, I would stuff them in this bag...
I decided to dump everything out on the kitchen counter and take a look.

We've had our share of birthday cakes with racing cars.
Can I add that I wished my kids were still little so we could have more fun cakes like this?

And then we had football cakes, and a Care Bear cake...

These teenagers were on a cake for my oldest daughter when she was just
becoming a teen and spending lots of time on the phone...

I love these clowns and the variety of candles used through the years.

And when you have a couple of girls, a ballerina cake was when my youngest daughter was
taking dance classes.

I love these candle holders and how fun to see that we have neon colors that are back in style!

So many candles...and there are even a couple of boxes of candles that were never used.

So many memories of birthdays in our home.

It's funny when I see this picture, for some reason, I must of thought these polka dot candles were special enough that they needed their own bag.

I took all of those decorations and put them inside a jar and set them on the kitchen counter
so I can see them each time I"m in the kitchen...
So many wonderful memories in that jar!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Wishing you all lots of birthdays in your life!
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Grammy Goodwill said...

What a great collection of memories you've made.

outjunking said...

Happy birthday and I agree it's great to be celebrating your birthday at 52.

Unknown said...

That was a really fabulous idea! Very nostalgic and I would LOVE to do something like that in my own place. Found your blog on blogaholics - and again great post! Happy belated birthday!!!

Princess Stephie

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

With an older son {he's 20} and two younger girls {6 and 8} I identify with your cake topper treasures. I have some of those, too, and think that I should display them as many fun, happy memories for this 48-year old Mama.


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