Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pinterest Picks - # 5

This pin interested me because it's a great way to perk up the water that we should all be drinking everyday...Sassy Water claims to help shed some extra pounds around the midsection...

And then ironically, I really loved this pin...a great tutorial on how to create three different ways to decorate pretty!

I've been collecting crochet ideas on Pinterest and I pin something before I go to the source....
sadly this one is in a language that I can't seem to if anyone can figure how how
to get this link in English, please leave me a many beautiful crochet ideas...


This pin ended up leading me to a wonderful Etsy store that sells a variety of repurposed Altoid tins as well as vintage finds....wouldn't this sewing kit make a great gift or maybe tuck in your desk at work? I've got a few Altoid tins just waiting to be used...this gives me lots of ideas!

I wished I could've had a bedroom like this when I was growing up...
love the pink bed tucked in between the bookcases...
this one has lots of pictures of little girls rooms!

I've seen these mini album/boxes before and there are lots of pictures to show you how
to make one and highlight the year with lots of pictures in a small space.

Beforre I even read the recipe, I could tell by the picture that this would be yummy!
Cream cheese, cake mix, can of peaches...this is on my list to make!

And now that I've got you and me all hungry, I'll leave you with this funny!
I remember when it was the style to wear socks with sandals but not anymore!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope I've made you as hungry as I am!
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Cher' Shots said...

Omg ~ we have the same taste ~ I have pinned some of these same ones!
Too funny!
'hugs from afar'


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