Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodwill Finds

I can't remember the last time I visited Goodwill because it's been quite awhile...
our house was overflowing and really I didn't need anything
but after awhile of thinking this way, I was gettting restless
and so this morning I decided I was ready to visit my favorite Goodwill store.
As we were looking around, I happened to see this baby walker

and I had been looking for one for Macie to use when she comes to visit.
My kids all used walkers when they were babies and it was a great way
for them to scoot around the house....the walker cost $2 and yes it's for a boy
but it'll be perfect for Macie once I get it all cleaned up!

Now when I get to to book area, I have to use my willpower because I love books,
but this one caught my eye for my daughter, Crystal.
And what first time Mom, doesn't love to read books about being a parent?

As I flipped through the pages, this cartoon cracked me up!
This is so true!

The toys at Goodwill are usually not very nice but Steve found this
guitar piano...the sound is kind of loud so this might need to go home
with Macie!

And I found an area fun of Easter figurines and grabbed these two...
for a dollar each...they were a great find and look brand new!

I was in love with this Easter egg once I opened it up, not sure which is cuter - open or shut?
There were a couple other ones that opened but not as cute as this one...

And finally I wanted to show you this picnic basket that I bought last year at Goodwill.
I finally got on the ball and just about having it redone and it's gorgeous!
Remember when apples were in style?
My husband cringed when I put this in the shopping cart....

Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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