Tuesday, February 10, 2009

White Ironstone Anyone?

Just about every Sunday, DH and I get groceries and we usually check out the magazines to see if anything peaks our interest. I happen to see Bliss Victoria and the cover of the white ironstone caught my eye and I quickly grabbed it and put it in our cart. So as DH and I were heading home from getting groceries, I asked if we could stop at the newest Goodwill Store and check it out.(I had white ironstone on the brain) I had never been to this one before and was very surprised to see what it was very clean, really organized and had lots of things that caught my eye. I was so excited that I found a white ironstone pitcher for $3! And then my oldest daughter loves yellow, I found her a yellow ironstone container for $2.

My newest white pitcher!

Both of my awesome finds!

Part of my ironstone collection

So back to the Bliss Victoria magazine, the inside cover was a full page ad for Juliksa and the ironstone was amazing! I was so curious what it cost, thinking maybe $150-$300. Boy was I wrong, the soup toureen cost $625! Holy CRAP! So that was out of my price range by about $500 to $600 so I thought - I have a collection of coffeepots, creamers & teapots, I wonder what they cost? The beehive pitcher costs $168! No way would I spend that kind of money even if I won the lottery. So my mind went into overdrive, I'll be out looking for something compariable and definitely now where near $625.

This is half of the ad for Juliska - very gorgeous items!

I was so happy and thrilled with my two finds and am planning on visiting Goodwill again this weekend! This did make for a good Sunday! Have you ever been so proud of your treasures?


Diane said...

Good job! I love our local Goodwill Store and we have bought several things from there. Much of our framed art came from there at 1/18 of the original cost. It's hit or miss, so go often! :)

Melanie@TheOldWhiteCottage said...

You have beautiful things! That issue of Victoria also caught my eye and I subscribed to the magazine because of it. Don't you just love thrift stores? I hadn't been in a while and started going again recently. Its so much fun finding treasures among all the random things.

Neabear said...

Thrift stores are a good place to find good things. I need to visit the ones around here again.


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