Saturday, April 25, 2009

Monday - Thrify Treasures

Welcome to the first Thrify Treasures, hosted by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. Every Monday we get to share our yardsale/thrify find from the weekend.

My daughter, Crystal and I went rummaging on Thursday for nearly seven hours and then out again on Friday for a couple of hours.

Crystal usually finds my buys before I even have a chance to check things out(my best rummage buddy ever - Jen - was always on the outlook for me - HI JEN!)

Here's some of my finds this weekend...

Cute notebook that I plan to use at work to take to meetings...

Green basket to add flowers for the family room..

Cute wooden bunny..

Same rummage, I found this cute birdhouse..

And also this white wood flower tile..

For Ashley- I got the A and the metal box to store her various teas...

I plan on putting this red star in the kitchen above the cabinets...

Crystal and I always talk about what our best find was - whether its rummaging or shopping in stores.

My best find this weekend has to be this coverlet! I plan on using to recover my cushions on the patio...that is if I can cut this up - it's in great shape and I think I paid $4!

But I've also got a project for next Saturday - I found this utensil organizer at Goodwill....looks brand new..

I have a drawer in the hutch that I store all the utensils that I don't use veryoften and some of them I can't part with..I really need to sort out and purge...

So I plan on getting that drawer straightened up and also find some more rummages and visit my friendly Goodwill store...only five more days until then..
Happy Monday!

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Crystal said...

Such great finds!! Way to go!


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