Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Decluttering My Office

We converted one of our bedrooms into an office and we live in this room. We spend so much time in this tiny room, much more than the kitchen!

Many, many years ago - I got an end table at a rummage for a couple of bucks. A nice, brown looking table that my friend, Jen, found for me. I loved going rummaging with Jen, she always kept an eye on things she knew I'd like.

I spray painted it pictures...who knew back then that so many other people were doing the same thing...

I love the side compartments...I have my side and DH has his side...and it's got a lot of reading material!
Do you see what's on top of the table?
Wood appliques! - I decided to add some to the table.

And I glued on these appliques that I found at Lowes for a couple of dollars..

And once it was dry, I gave it a new coat of white spray paint.

And this is where the decluttering came in - I got rid of five magazines.
It's hard to declutter your own things! I can help anybody but I can't help myself!

And after more than five magazines were cleared out...
Do you notice the cigar bozes? I got both of these from Goodwill for a couple dollars.
We store Storms nightly dog treats here.

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Melissa said...

The pockets on that table are so unique!! How fortunate you were to score it!! Nice work with the appliques too!!

Marty said...

Hey there, I found you hopping around tonight. I love the wooden appliqués you added to the table=) It gives it just that special touch=)

In checking out your blog tonight I see that you have pampered pets=)) They are adorable! I host a linky party called Furry Friends Friday over at my blog. If your interested be sure to check it out=)

Have a great night!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

the wooden appliques make all the difference in the world! (well, moving the magazines helped too) :-)
nice job!

Terrell said...

Love how this turned out!! The appliques are just stunning! I'd love to invite you to my link party/giveaway every Friday at FFD! Hope to see you there!! :D
~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

I love your little magazine table. His and hers...very cute.


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