Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Time at the Flamingo in Vegas

Happy Wednesday!

Thought I'd share some pictures of our trip to Las Vegas over the weekend.

The Flamingo has a beautiful area outside to enjoy these flamingo's and sit and relax.

Here's our offical Las Vegas picture. It sure was hot there -100 degrees every day!

We did go see Donny and Marie on Saturday and it was a great show!
Marie is so beautiful and talented...and Donny is amazing.
Since we couldn't take any pictures there, I had to take a picture of the outside of the Flamingo.
Las Vegas is so pretty at night with all the lights!

After the show we did a lot of walking and took pictures of all the lights.

Have you ever gone to the Belagio?
They have a water show that is spectacular and it's free!

But for now it's time to get ready for seems like our trip was so long ago already.

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CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hi Terry! Looks like a fun, and hot, trip! I love Vegas, and I don't even gamble. Neither does Hubby. We just like all the excitement. Our first stay in Vegas about 4 years ago was at the Flamingo. I loved it! I especially loved how it it's right in the center of the strip. Very convenient for walking to and "site-seeing" in the casinos. The only thing I do hate about a trip to Vegas is the blasted long flight. Five hours in a plane is just way too long for me!

Thanks for sharing your fun trip.


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