Monday, April 20, 2009

Metamorphis Monday - New Carpet

Life can be so busy - it's been almost one week since my last posting and the time has flown by. Not only has work been extra busy but the lease on my car is coming to an end, we're getting new carpet in our downstairs but most importantly - IT'S RUMMAGE SEASON!

I haven't done any rummaging yet but plan on getting out there on Thursday for the largest organized rummage. Last year the
Kingswood Rummage had over 289 rummages and I have a feeling that this year will be even bigger. The rummage use be held Friday through Sunday but his year it starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and ends on Sunday! The weather is suppose to be really nice and Crystal is my rummage buddy. We'll be out there early doing plenty of walking. (I usually need to take a couple of Tylenol before we head out and then a couple more when I get home.)

So onto my Metamorphis Monday item - I mentioned one of the things I've been busy with is we are replacing the carpet in the downstairs. We don't have a big house but you'd sure never know it by all the furniture moved to the garage. We were planning on the carpet being installed Wednesday & Thursday but they had a change in plans and said they could be here today. The new carpet isn't completely done yet but it was time to be replaced. Right now the carpet is laying in big pieces in each room and we noticed that the wall color clashes - guess it's time to paint!

Oh, and we decided that we don't like the couch (sofa) and so that's going to be sold and we'll be looking for a new one. One thing always leads to another...I love how that works!.

Here's some pics - once it's complete - I'll post more pictures.

Groucho follows me everywhere - he's in hiding now - today was scary for the kitties!

I can't get over how full the garage the neighbors think we're moving.

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Happy Monday!

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