Monday, April 20, 2009

Phone Scam Warning

My kids tease me that I go to be too early - we're usually in bed by 9:30 every night. Sunday night, we had just gone tobed and my cell phone rang. Normally I would jump out of bed and answer it.....okay DH would jump out of bed and get the cell phone. I was too tired to talk and we didn't get the phone. If it was one of the kids they would call the house if it was important or call the house phone which would ring into the bedroom. So we didn't answer it, we didn't get any other calls and feel asleep.

The news had an story about a new phone scam and while I listened to it, I didn't think much more of it.

"Police have a serious warning about an apparent phone scam targeting people. The calls are mostly coming in to cell phones but come from various area codes. Whoever is behind the calls appears to be after your banking information.

Caller ID is supposed to give you an idea of who is on the other end of the phone. But police believe the numbers showing up with these fishy phone calls are hijacked, meaning they're not really coming from that line."

In the morning I checked my cell phone and caller ID showed it as 908-654-1100 coming in at 9:51 pm. I learned at work that you can google a phone number to find out who the number belongs too - simply amazing. I googled the number and here's what I found out - click on this link: 908-654-1100

I'm glad that I didn't answer my phone, in fact - if I don't know who the number is, I usually won't answer my phone.

Just be careful - you never know what the next scam will be.


Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Terry...

Just wanted to stop by to say thank you for your visit to see my thrift store treasure finds...sure do appreciate your sweet comments!!!

Ohhh my...thanks so much for the warning about the cell phone fraud...I will be on the lookout!

Warmest wishes,
PS..Oooh, just wanted to say that I took a peek at your last post...I love your new carpet, my friend!!! So happy for you!!!

Neabear said...

I'm glad you didn't answer the phone too. Always good not to answer unfamiliar numbers. We never do.


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