Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting Car for my Gas?

This week is the start of summer hours where I work. We have a variety of hours we can work and I decided to work 4 ten hour days. What was I thinking? Yesterday was the first day and I got to work late. For some reason I followed a car on interstate going below the speed limit and I'm sure this person wondered if I was stalking them...

I finally woke up and hit the gas pedal but got to work 5 minutes late. 5 minutes doesn't seem like much but I'm one of those people who is always 10 minutes early to everything. By the end of the day, my brain must of crashed and burned.  On my way home, I filled my car up with gas and decided to delete text messages on my cell phone while the gas was filling up.

While  I was deleting the text messages, I heard water running..I looked out of the car door and gas spigot didn't shut off once my tank was full and was overflowing. I don't think it ran over very long..but still I wasn't happy to be wasting money.


I got home andthe garage smelled like gas...seriously, I think we could've blown up the house. DH asked where was I that the gas smell was so bad..My reply..."I went to get car for my gas and I had a problem." What I meant to say, "I went to get gas for my car and had a problem."

Today is my day off from work and I cut these peonies from our's too bad that they can't bloom all of my favorite flowers...

I also went to two Goodwill stores and found some great things, I'll post more about this later this week..

Oh, I think I still have a pear in my purse from yesterday, I took it to work for a snack and forgot about it.
Wow, do you ever have days like this?
Is this a early sign of dementia???
Please tell me I'm okay...
(I can't be held responsible for any grammar or spelling mistakes.)


Beth said...

Sorry you had a bad day. Hope your week gets better!

trish said...

Oh bless your heart! Yes, I too have those forgetful days. Scary actually. :o) Glad to hear you are home safe and had a fun relaxing day, on your day off. I would love to have a good thrift store around here. It is a bit of a hit and miss sort of thing. That's ok. :o)
Your peonies are gorgeous!! I have two vases with hydrangeas in my home, don't you love this time of the year? I would love to learn more about peonies and grow them myself. :o)
Have a wonderful evening.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yes - I have days like that also. :)
I had a gas pump to malfunction for me one time years ago, and have not set it to shut off auto. since.
Your peonies are beautiful.

Neabear said...

What a day for you! I had the gas situation happen to me one time. I left the nozzle in to pump as usual. Then I was on the other side of the car cleaning the windows. People were trying to get my attention to tell me the gas was overflowing. This happened when the prices were so high, so of course I was upset about that. I have been very careful since then. I think that is why I have dirty windows now. I am afraid to step away from the nozzle!

Hope your days improve. My husband works 4 10-hour days also. Been doing it for awhile. He has Mondays off.


Get Nestled In said...
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Get Nestled In said...

Hey there,
Thanks for stopping by my blog this week! I can totally relate to your day-boy do I ever have days like that! You have a beautiful blog-I'm following, and look forward to your future posts!


Donna said...

Hi Terry,
glad today was better than yesterday! And yes, I've had times like that myself! :) Your peonies are just gorgeous, and I love how you have them displayed.

Tina said...

I know it is not a good idea to use your phone while gassing up. I'm not sure if that applies to deleting texts though. You might want to check into it just to be safe.


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