Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Blog Love

Today my pick for Sunday Blog Love is someone near to my heart and she hasn't updated her blog in TWO months! While two months seems like a long time, it isn't because she's lazy. She's anything but lazy....

My feature this week is my daughter and her blog,
For the Love of Yellow

Crystal started her blog shortly after getting married.  One month after getting married, Stuart was promoted but it meant that they'd be moving 1.5 hours away. After selling their home and moving, Crystal started the blog so we could keep in touch.

We still saw each other but not every weekend like it use to be.

Crystal updated her new house and has a great sense of style...

She worked from home and created this office...and of course - it was YELLOW!

This is one of the spare bedrooms, and of course, it has YELLOW!
(very cute)

This TV stand was something a gal at my work was selling and Crystal got it. It stayed the orginal color for 1.5 years.
(To the left is a jewelry cabinet, I'm think it also needs to go yellow.)

And now it's yellow....

Here's her curio cabinet, touches of yellow here and there.
On a one of my trips to see Crystal, we visited a thrift store and she bought this chair and updated it. I was surprised that it wasn't her signature yellow but it looks great!

And of course, her mixer has to be yellow!

And here's Crystal with their baby, Bailey! What a cutie!

So I forgot to tell you why Crystal hasn't blogged in 2 months.
Her husband was promoted and they're moving back!
They've been in transition while their house was for sale. It sold right away but the other people had to sell their house first. Once their house sold, they negotiated with Crystal and Stuart and bought most of their furniture.
(They loved how the house was decorated!)

Crystal and Stuart close on their new house tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you'll check out her blog and become a follower and see what we're(she's) up to!

She loves Goodwill and thrifting and shopping and best bud is back!!
Happy Sunday!



Glenda/MidSouth said...

I know you are excited that she will be close again. It is good they could sell so fast. Lots of houses here that have been on the market for a long time.

No name said...

That's wonderful you'll have your friend close by again. Being separated from those close to us is hard.. I live in Alaska....believe me I understand.

Yellow is a fabulous color! I was completely crazy for yellow a few years is one color thats not been tired for me.



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