Thursday, March 7, 2013

No Cost Organizing the Kitchen Cupboard

We don't have a lot of cabinets in our kitchen and most of them are overflowing with stuff.
I've been making a conscious effort to streamline what we have. And can I just say, it's hard!
This cabinet was really not being used to its full potential and it wasn't pretty
when the door was opened. (Another one of my things is - I want it to be pretty.)
Let me show you what I started with.
 Recently I moved our prescriptions and vitamins to the kitchen.
For a long time I knew they shouldn't be stored in the bathroom, but
that's exactly where they were - for many years!
I had some extra bins with handles (Wal Mart) that didn't get used when I reorganized
the refrigerator and and now hubby and I each have our own bin. They fit perfectly on the
top shelf and are easy to reach.(Perfect idea for those of you with small kids,)
The second shelf was holding cat food, treats, hand lotion and
my recipe box.  Lots of open space.
The bottom shelf consisted of measuring cups, salt and pepper shaker,
sugar and tea bags. Whenever I needed something, it was usually in the back
and everything needed to come out.
The only shelf that I was loving was the top shelf.
So I pulled everything out and....
This was my next phase toward getting the cabinet organized and pretty.
I added my go-to-cookbooks on the second shelf with my recipe box.
By this time, I had purchased a large amount of chewing gum
and because there was an open spot - it got put here.
Not much changed with the bottom shelf - still cluttered and messy.
I was at a lose as to what to do with this area and waited for inspiration to hit me.
Well today, I woke up and knew what to do!
Yes, I have random thoughts popping in and out of my head all day long. LOL
 I happen to remember seeing this basket in the garage, not being used
and my measuring cups fit in perfectly. And well, I wanted my gum
someplace handy and for now it's in this basket. I'm sure I'll be
moving it again.
My cabinet is now looking so much better.
(I did this when the hubby is at work, I'm sure he'll wonder why theres gum
with the measuring cups! LOL)
Next up to get organized in the kitchen is the cabinet above the microwave.
I use to store all of my cookbooks here but have been really streamlining them.
Please leave me a comment and let me know what you keep in this cabinet.
I need to work around the plug in for the microwave too
Thanks for stopping by today.
Wishing you all a wonderful day!
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Jessica @ View from River Mountain said...

I love your blog. Excited to be a new GFC follower.

Stacy said...

Love what you have done with your kitchen cabinet. It looks so well organized.


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