Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Organize & Decorating Party - My Scrapbook Room!

Over the course of several weeks. DH has helped me move my scrapbook area from our lowel level family room..


I wanted to put up some shelves but we decided to wait to see if I would like this area...I found out that I didn't really like being we moved everything into the office...

We hung up three shelves..

For some reason, when we start moving things around, one of our cats is always with us, keeping track of what's going on.

And here's my work area now..

I organized and put everything in a certain area, makes it much easier to find things.

Closeup of the plastic containers on my shelf, I still have a few left to do.

And I separated all of my embellishments by season ..again much easier to find something instead of opening and closing every drawer each time I needed something.

I bought this sewing chest at a junk sale this summer, I'm storing my fabric in there.
Right beside it is a sewing machine we got at an auction for $3...I don't know how to sew anything other than a straight line...and that might be pushing it.

And I redid my bulletin board and haven't had a chance to hang much yet.
The storage containers came from Michaels...I bought a couple each week and used coupons or only bought when they were on sale.

I'm loving my new and organized scrapbook/office area...each night I can watch Nate Berkus & Oprah while I'm working on a project....

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Morning Show Interview

As a proud parent, I must share this video that was on TV this morning. Ashley is PR person for the USD fund raiser that will raise funds for the local Food Pantry.

DH and I worked on my scrapbook/office on Sunday

and I have a few small things to take care 

Organize and Decorate Everything
before I join this party.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Blog Love

Happy Sunday!

Don't the weeks just seem to fly by?
Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon organizing my scrapbook supplies while watching Letters to Julie. I'm a sucker for a chick flick, if you haven't seen it - check it out.

I think this was Vanessa Redgrave's last movie and she was so beautiful!

Cherished Treasures”=

And my pick this week for Sunday Blog Love goes to......

Have you seen this blog?
Erin lives in Minnesota and she loves, loves, loves turquoise.. And I think you'll also love turquoise once you see all the pictures she has featuring turquoise...
So I'll let the pictures do the talking...

I hope you'll stop over and take a look at House of Turquoise and see if you're inspired to bring some color into your place.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crazy About Flowers

This week has not been a good week to work on any projects. At work, we've been working toward a goal for quarter end and I've been leaving the house at 6:30 am and getting home at 6 pm. As you can imagine, when I get home, we eat, watch a little TV and it's time for bed.

Lately I've been obsessed with making flowers from scrapbook paper, tissue paper, burlap, coffee filters and material.

I have no project in mind when making these, but I love trying to make a variety of these flowers.

So last Saturday, it was rainy & cold and a great day to stay inside.

And I wanted to put my Cricut to use along with the Hello Kitty & Calendard cartridge that I have.

And here's my October calendar to hang in on my bulletin board.

And I also dismantled this bulletin board, especially after I mispelled "CREATE".

And I spray painted the frame white and added some pink paisley fabric...

On the list of to do's this week is

  1. Organizing the office/scrapbooking room.

  2. Buy some shelving tomorrow & hang it up

  3. Put the bulletin board up.

  4. Watch the Vikings

The weekends seem to go by way too fast.
Hope your enjoying yours!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Organizing Tip from You Tube

I really need to declutter (purge) now that the weather is changing.
But whenever I think about it, I decide it's too big of a project to tackel..
That is until I saw this video on You Tube..

I'll be picking up 21 things each day this week to either  donate, throw out or recycle or shred.
The video lasts a little over 6 minutes...see if you don't think this is a great idea!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Nate Berkus Show

Have you had a chance to watch The Nate Berkus Showy yet?

He talks about attic at flea markets & Craigslist, tranforming someone elses junk & how to pose in pictures to look thinner, how to take a great picture and on and on...

Have you heard of Gazelle?  It's a website that you can see what your electronic gadget is worth and make some extra cash. My old cell phone is worth $70!

But tomorrow is going to be a show you won't want to miss...

Nate will be interviewing My Shabby Streamside Studio

and the transformation into something so beautiful.

Have you watched Nate yet?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Blog Love

I have this HUGE favorite list on my computer....blogs I love, projects I love, things I must read everyday, news, magazines, shopping...and on and on and on.
Cherished Treasures”=

One of my favorite lists is titled "Ideas I Need to Copy"..and this brings me to my Sunday Blog Love today!

My Backyard Eden
It's Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden. 

I save this project on my to do list - making a faux mercury glass vase.
I used her idea but made faux mercury glass birds from the Dollar Tree Store.
I still want to make this vase.

and she's got great tutorials on how to make these pillow using freezer paper.

And she made these too! Don't they look like something bought from that other store?

And right now I'm very into organizing my office/scrapbooking area so I love to see how other people make their spaces work for them.

And she also shares recipes...Cilantro Chicken.
My family knows how I LOVE cilantro...I didn't save this recipe until today so we'll be making this - this week, or maybe tonight.

If you haven't seen My Backyard Eden..please do...on Sunday's she features...Sunday Sweepstakes Linky Party and there's always lots of prizes to win from other bloggers.

And another linky party

Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden

On Wednesday, there's alwasy alot of bloggers showing what they've been working on...check it out and join in the fun.

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Favorite Night Time Snack

DH & I have been working really hard to cut the fat from our diet and eating much healthier. I found this idea from watching Dr Oz and I have to share what has become our favorite night time snack.

And it's only two ingredients..graham crackers and Cool Whip

Break the crackers in half and put on a large dollup of Cool Whip...

Put them in a air tight container and freeze overnight.
So yummy!

Cinnamon graham cracker - 130 calories or 2 points
Lite Cool Whip - 20 calories or 1 point
Total 150 calories or 3 points
Not bad for a night time snack!
Another great thing - less expensive than buying premade low calorie frozen snacks!

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