Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Paper Bag Cards

It's been ages since I've made Valentine cards for kids.
Don't you remember taking a shoe box and covering it with white tissue paper and doily hearts? So much fun!
My oldest daughter asked me if I would be interested in making Valentine cards for Macie
to take to her daycare. Let me show you how they turned out and then I'll show you how
easy they were to make!
Nothing says Valentines Day like hearts, pink, red and a little lace.
I had everything on hand so this ended up being a no cost project, perfect - right?
The felt hearts are from Dollar Tree and it's suppose to be a garland but I cut them apart and
hot glued one on the back of each bag along with another Valentine cutout.
I got the Valentine kit at Michaels a few years ago on clearance and it has so many pieces
that it will take me a long time to use it all up - so this was the perfect project.
My how times have changed, a conversation heart that says, 'email me'?

Let me show you how I made these cards.
I used brown lunch bags but you could use any size paper lunch bags you have on hand.

Next step is to fold down the flap on the end.

Take a scissors or paper trimmer and cut that piece off.
You should end up with bottom ends being open.

Flip the bag over and fold the bag up 3/4 of the way.
Again, no need to measure, unless you want every bag to
be exactly the same but really it isn't necessary.

Taking Valentine scrapbook paper, glue on paper
for the top part of the bag. No need to cover the
entire area sinc it won't be seen once the bag
is folded. Once you're done with that, cover the flap and
I also did the backside of the bag.

Once you have that part done, this is when it begins
to get fun. Pull out your Valentine cards, doilies,
anything and everything you have that can
be glued on the bag.

In no time you have a one of a kind Valentine paper bag card.
Be sure to tuck the card in the lower flap and then
in the opening at the top, there's plenty of room
to stick a sucker, conversation hearts or for toddler
you might want to stick in a small bag of Goldfish crackers
and for an adult - don't forget to add some chocolate!

Here's a glimpe of the back of the card.
This bag turned out cute and I can't imagine any kid not loving receiving this.

This was the very first bag that I made, I got a little carried away and started adding pearls and
it seemed too fussy for a little child.
I love the back of the bag more so than the front. No to mention,
I got a little crooked with my lace and pearls.

As for me, I'm off to see my daughter and Macie and finish up the rest of
these bags. Plus I love to organize pantries, I'll be revamping their
pantry and I'l share pictures very soon as well as what my pantry looks like now.
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Giveaway Time!

One of the best things about blogging is making friends with people and yet never meeting or even talking on the phone. I've been priviledged to become friends with Barbara from
Snip It Up
and love her shabby chic, raq quilting Etsy store.

Let me show you around her shop.

For most of us, spring can't get here fast enough. Brand new to her shop, this colorful rag quilt with a variety of colors make this a perfect gift or addition to your home.

Another new addition, this rag quilt has an appliqued blue bird, and it is gorgeous.
Doesn't this just make you happy and think spring?

I love, love, love her potholders and these pair of potholders would make a perfect 
Valentine's gift for someone or even yourself!
Maybe you're more interested in a handmade tablecloth patchwork quilt.
Such a beautiful piece of workmanship.

There's a variety of kitchen towels available, aren't
these birdies super cute?
Now for the fun part, Barbara is giving away this kitchen towel vintage gift set to one lucky person!
Red is one of my favorite colors and I was immediately drawn to the hand stitched cherries. 
To enter in this giveaway, you've got three chances:
1) leave a comment on this post - one entry
2) click over to Snip It Up and add her shop to your favorites - one entry.
3) blog or do a Facebook post about this giveaway - one entry.

This giveaway will end on Wednesday, January 31st at 11pm
and the winner will be announced on Thursday, Feb 1st.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine Balsam Containers Goodness

If you've been to Michael's Craft Store, every so often they have these balsam containers
for sale. Let me show you how I altered all three of them.
I removed each knob and elastic band and added a flower and used velcro for the closure.
I got the metal sentiments at Michaels, the pack was $2.
The cute buttons are from Target.
I picked out three different Valentine papers and then painted each one
a color to coordinate. I did paint the entire box but after I was finished,
I realized that I only needed to paint the edges, sides and inside.
The cabochons are from The Cottage Market and are so pretty, aren't they?
Each one is different from the other and full of Valentine goodness.
I can't imagine anyone not loving to receive one of these, can you?
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Week of Jan 21, 2012

I'm finally back and ready to get on track with blogging.
My first thing to get things organized and make my life smoother, is to plan the weekly menu.
Menu planning is a small yet huge step to getting your life under control, plus you save
money and hopefully stay on track when grocery shopping.

Let me share this weeks menu:

Monday: Slow Cooked Tators

Tuesday: Chicken Noodle Soup

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Ranch Pork Chops

Friday: Fish

Saturday: Meatloaf


Giving you a sneak peek at the balsam boxes that I picked up at Michaels craft store for a $1 each.
Tomorrow I'll share how I altered them up!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SMASH - What the BLEEP was I Thinking?

Yes, I'm alive - I just took some time off from blogging and got several projects done around here.
I'm back and today and would like to share a few pages from my SMASH book.
SMASHING is a great project for anyone, especially people who don't scrapbook yet have
mementos that they want to keep to remember.
SMASH book costs $15 and many times you can use a coupon
and get it 40-50% off at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns.
Target carries them but they don't offer any coupons, that I'm aware of.

I'm one of those people who get all excited about something and spend lots of time
at the beginning really loving it but this SMASH thing is so much fun.
I haven't decorated the outside of it like many people do, maybe later.
 These two pages were inspired by a You Tube challenge from
One Happy Crafty Chick.
The challenge was to have at least two pictures of yourself with unflattering hair, clothes, makeup,
something that made you think - 'What the BLEEP was I thinking?'
When I started looking through pictures, first of all there aren't a lot of pictures of me.
I am usually the person taking the pictures but the ones I did find had a common
denominator - I had perms and they were really curly! 
The next two pages, were not part of a challenge but rather pictures I pulled out of photo albums.
I LOVE these pictures of my hubby. He's the most gorgeous man and I love him dearly.
 I love this picture, my youngest was baking away with her Easy Bake Oven
and Steve was watching her and also ready for any samples as they were available.
I've taken so many pictures of Macie and many of them have been used for layout pages but there are still so many that I hadn't used.
I know some people SMASH magazine clippings but I want to
keep my more of a scrapbook SMASH book with pictures
that we'll enjoy looking at years from now.
For these two pages, I filled one page with strips of washi tape that I have
You know, years from now, washi tape just might be a thing of the past.
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I'm thinking about doing a monthly SMASH challenge, let me know if you'd be interested.
 For more SMASH inspiration, please visit my SMASH book board on Pinterest.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Miss My Christmas Tree!

We took the Christmas tree down and put away the decorations on Sunday and our home now looks blah and empty. I'm already missing turning the Christmas tree on in the morning and seeing the lights twinkle in the darkness.
Today, I've put together some Christmas pictures from bloggy land to share with you.

Pictures courtesy of The Enchanted Home

And while I'm still missing my Christmas decorations, it's a new year!
Wishing you a wonderful, healthy New Year!
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