Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Jar of Birthday Memories

Today is my birthday!
I'm not ashamed to say how old I am...52 years young and so appreciative that I am
alive and healthy and life is good!

I thought I'd share some birthday decorations that I've saved through all the birthday cakes that my kids have had.

Until recently I had them all stuffed in this plastic ziploc bag, and each time there was a
birthday cake with fun decorations, I would stuff them in this bag...
I decided to dump everything out on the kitchen counter and take a look.

We've had our share of birthday cakes with racing cars.
Can I add that I wished my kids were still little so we could have more fun cakes like this?

And then we had football cakes, and a Care Bear cake...

These teenagers were on a cake for my oldest daughter when she was just
becoming a teen and spending lots of time on the phone...

I love these clowns and the variety of candles used through the years.

And when you have a couple of girls, a ballerina cake was when my youngest daughter was
taking dance classes.

I love these candle holders and how fun to see that we have neon colors that are back in style!

So many candles...and there are even a couple of boxes of candles that were never used.

So many memories of birthdays in our home.

It's funny when I see this picture, for some reason, I must of thought these polka dot candles were special enough that they needed their own bag.

I took all of those decorations and put them inside a jar and set them on the kitchen counter
so I can see them each time I"m in the kitchen...
So many wonderful memories in that jar!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Wishing you all lots of birthdays in your life!
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Goodwill Finds

I can't remember the last time I visited Goodwill because it's been quite awhile...
our house was overflowing and really I didn't need anything
but after awhile of thinking this way, I was gettting restless
and so this morning I decided I was ready to visit my favorite Goodwill store.
As we were looking around, I happened to see this baby walker

and I had been looking for one for Macie to use when she comes to visit.
My kids all used walkers when they were babies and it was a great way
for them to scoot around the house....the walker cost $2 and yes it's for a boy
but it'll be perfect for Macie once I get it all cleaned up!

Now when I get to to book area, I have to use my willpower because I love books,
but this one caught my eye for my daughter, Crystal.
And what first time Mom, doesn't love to read books about being a parent?

As I flipped through the pages, this cartoon cracked me up!
This is so true!

The toys at Goodwill are usually not very nice but Steve found this
guitar piano...the sound is kind of loud so this might need to go home
with Macie!

And I found an area fun of Easter figurines and grabbed these two...
for a dollar each...they were a great find and look brand new!

I was in love with this Easter egg once I opened it up, not sure which is cuter - open or shut?
There were a couple other ones that opened but not as cute as this one...

And finally I wanted to show you this picnic basket that I bought last year at Goodwill.
I finally got on the ball and just about having it redone and it's gorgeous!
Remember when apples were in style?
My husband cringed when I put this in the shopping cart....

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I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Winner of the Isabook Designs

Oops, I'm a little late in announcing the winner of the giveaway sponorsed by Isaboo Designs.

The winner is...... Monika Wright from I Love It All
who wrote... 'Adore, adore, adore the burlap table runner!'

Monika - please send me an email @ and let me know which you prefer,
the table runner or pillow cover.

Thanks to all who stopped by...
there were a record number of people who viewed the giveaway but not nearly the number of comments make sure to leave a comment..because next time it just might be you winning!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sunday Blog Love - Linky Party

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
Our temps have been in the upper 90's for several weeks now
and thankfully we are experiencing cooler temps...
the upper 70's and we're able to shut off the air conditioning
and open up the windows and let the fresh air in...

Before I show my favorites from last week's party,
I need to send out a huge thank you to all
who linked up last weekend and also a thank you
to those that left a comment.
Comments are one of the most appreciated things for us bloggers,
so please take some time from your busy life and leave a comment or two...

Let me show you my favorites from last weeks party!

28 Things Your Family Needs to Hear You Say

Entry Closet Makeover Reveal

Dorm Rooms 101

And the most viewed from last week is/was...

Foil Monogram Pinterest Project

Once again I want to say thank you to all who linked up last weekend and
to those who left a comment!

Feel free grab the featured button to add to your blog.
Let's get the party starting for this weekend!

All kinds of posts are welcome--whether it's about your family, a craft project,
thrifty find, a favorite recipe or maybe it's decorating your home or a giveaway....

The only requirement must link back to my party...
(besides it's blogger ettiquette to link back...)
Not required but if you become a follower - then you know if you've been featured....
and will also be added to my Sunday Blog Love board on Pinterest.

Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pinterest Picks - # 5

This pin interested me because it's a great way to perk up the water that we should all be drinking everyday...Sassy Water claims to help shed some extra pounds around the midsection...

And then ironically, I really loved this pin...a great tutorial on how to create three different ways to decorate pretty!

I've been collecting crochet ideas on Pinterest and I pin something before I go to the source....
sadly this one is in a language that I can't seem to if anyone can figure how how
to get this link in English, please leave me a many beautiful crochet ideas...


This pin ended up leading me to a wonderful Etsy store that sells a variety of repurposed Altoid tins as well as vintage finds....wouldn't this sewing kit make a great gift or maybe tuck in your desk at work? I've got a few Altoid tins just waiting to be used...this gives me lots of ideas!

I wished I could've had a bedroom like this when I was growing up...
love the pink bed tucked in between the bookcases...
this one has lots of pictures of little girls rooms!

I've seen these mini album/boxes before and there are lots of pictures to show you how
to make one and highlight the year with lots of pictures in a small space.

Beforre I even read the recipe, I could tell by the picture that this would be yummy!
Cream cheese, cake mix, can of peaches...this is on my list to make!

And now that I've got you and me all hungry, I'll leave you with this funny!
I remember when it was the style to wear socks with sandals but not anymore!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope I've made you as hungry as I am!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Don't Forget!

Don't forget to check out the giveaway going on right here courtesy of Isaboo Designs!

Your choice of this chevron monogram pillow cover

or maybe you'd rather have this burlap and lace table runner!

So click here and leave a comment or two!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Saving Money on Kids Toys and Clothes

I never knew my grandparents...they were elderly and passed away when I was very young...and I have no memories of spending time at their house...
And so I am determined to have my grandkids spend lots of time at our house... and have lots of fun and make memories together....

Now that Macie is getting older, it's time to start getting some toys in the house
again and spend time playing on the floor...

I've bought some toys for Macie to keep at her home but decided, I best figure out
what toys to keep here for when she we went shopping

and I love this kids played with one similar to this one....
can't believe it costs $10...
and what little girl doesn't want to have a tea party....
$ $30....gets expensive getting cute and fun toys!

A wonderful friend of Crystal's told her that we should check out a used childrens clothing store....
probably a store you've heard of before...Once Upon A Child
they sell used clothing,toys, furniture, books,equipment...

I picked up two Clifford books - $1 each!

Even though Macie is a girl...everybody loves cars...and I thought this little tractor would be fun...
press the buttons and it lights up and sounds like a real tractor - $2.50
the camera was cute and looks like new...just needed a new battery...$2.50

It's been ages since I've kept up on kid toys but I loved these rubber jacks...I thought they'd be perfect for Macie to chew on and plus they snap together...
and my main reason for going to Once Upon a Child was for this little car....
we'll have lots of fun with Macie riding this around the house....$8.50...

And for all of these things I got at Once Upon A Child, I spent $18.50....

and comparing that to the $30 I spent for these toys....
I forgot to mention, I spent $10 for the telephone and they had about 5 of these
phones for $3.50 each...

I think I've found my new favorite thrift store....
if you're looking for baby gear, toys, books or clothing 
and you have a Once Upon A Child store near you, I encouraged you to stop in....

Stay tune - I'm sure to be there again very soon!
Next up in our house is to redecorate one of the spare bedrooms
into a room specifically for fun!
Thanks for stopping by!
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Favorites from SBL

This grandma has been lucky enough to spend lots of time the past two weekends with my daughter and I've been missing in action...

Last weekend, we bought this cute little pool for Macie

and she splashed and splashed...

but she really loved chewing on the blow up fish toys that came with the pool.
Is this not the cutest little pool?

And because of all this fun we've been having with Macie,
I'm behind on showing off my top picks from last week's party...

Let me show you my top picks and the most viewed from last weeks...
Aimee shows show to make aged sea glass.....
she was inspired by another blogger to give this a try and her bottles are
gorgeous and the colors are perfect!

As I read the recipe for creamy lime baked taquitos, it made me so hungry
and it looks so yummy. I could live on Mexican food...

Once you read what Pam used to make these
vases, you're going to visit your local Goodwill store...

Doesn't a limeade sherbert fizz sound refreshing?
This summer has to be going down as the hottest,driest summer in ages and this
is a perfect nighttime snack....

and the most viewed from last weeks party is...

Kathe with an E shared her finds at a "I Love Thrifting Day" that she attended.....
so many great things and saved so much money!

Once again I want to say thank you to all who linked up last weekend and
to those who left a comment!

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