Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rolling Pin Heaven

I collect a lot of things and I never know when I'm going to add to them.

One of my collections is old rolling pins, and someone must have donated their entire collection to Goodwill.

Check out these rolling pins I got today for $2 each!

And I found a breadbox too - not so exciting. I'm sure the people at Goodwill must wonder what my house looks like.

But I plan on updating it like Joyce did at Cheap Frills Blog.

Today is certainly turning out to be a good day!
Side note - my window find on Craigslist turned out to be a bust. I got a email back that the picture isn't what they look like. Turns out the windows are aluminum and not wood.
I'll keep looking... besides I found another clever idea for my future windows(s) @ Recaptured Charm.
Isn't this so cute????
Time to get back to spray painting my new bread box!

1 comment:

CHER said...

wow, you hit the jackpot!!!~!!


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