Wednesday, November 28, 2012

eBay for Christmas Dishes?

I've been neglecting my blog for awhile now and it's because I started a new job.
This is the most complicated job I've ever had nd I've been in training for the past month and
have 3 more weeks to go. When I get home, I'm mentally exhausted and just sit down in front of the TV and fall asleep.
With Christmas right around the corner now, there are things that need to get done.
One of my traditions is to get out my Christmas dishes.
First of all, if you don't have a Kreuig, this might be one of our favorite gifts ever, that is besides the Bunn coffee pot. Sometime I'll do a post on our favorite Kreuig coffees/teas.

Back on track - so this is the cupboard that holds our dishes
We have a combination of Waverly dishes, fiestaware - oops - the glasses
were all dirty!
On the top shelf I showcased some of my Goodwill finds.
One of my goals after Christmas time is to paint inside the cupboard
but for now it is what it is.

I love having a cream colored home but I LOVE colorful dishes!
I bought my dishes off eBay several years ago, but they are still available if you check eBay.
The Sweet Shoppe by Sango Sweet Shoppe Christmas.

I was able to add a couple of my gingerbread candles that I wanted to have out this season
but couldn't find a home for them.

One of the my issues with organizing the dishes in the cupboard, is that we have a couple different size coffee cups that we use all the time.
I love to drink my coffee from a big mug and the regular size mugs are perfect for
hot chocolate or hot tea.

Because I have so many Christmas things, using the top shelf is a great place to
decorate for Christmas.  I also tucked some additional coffee cups in the back,
just in case we might need them.

Would you believe this all came from eBay?
 One hint I can pass on, don't try to buy everything at once.
Some sellers will inflate the shipping price to make up for the low sale price and
it's best to buy Christmas dishes off season, so wait to buy until January or Febuary.
The other hint would be to start searching eBay now to see what you like,
there is so much more to view now since it's Christmas time.

Just looking at my Christmas dishes makes me happy.

My next little project might be to find something Christmasy to replace this Halloween pictures.
It's one step at a a time!
Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!
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Amanda said...

Love your Christmas dishes, and those Gingerbread candles, so cute!
I would love a cupboard dedicated to my festive dishes, but I have too many sets and hubby relegates them to storage for 11 months of the year, boo!

I've never thought of looking on ebay {duh} will have a peek whilst the boys are busy with lunch.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I love e-bay--you have quite a collection!

Unknown said...

I love to find a good auction, thrifting and love your Fiesta-ware!


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