Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mother/Daughter Project - Baby Smash!

For my daughters birthday, last November, I bought her the Baby Smash book.
She was gracious but I knew it wasn't exactly the gift she was expecting and that's because
she doesn't do crafts. Crystal lives 1 1/2 hours away and I thought we could work on it when I stay at
her house. A Smash book is a great way for a non-crafty person to document special times or mementos with minimal effect.
Each time that I've visited, it seemed like there wasn't time to work on the Smash book.
Two weeks ago we were able to get a good start on it.
Let me show you a few of the pages we put together.
 I made a pocket for the first page so that Crystal could store
all of ultrasound pictures that they had acquired. And then we added cute baby

Crystal took a monthly picture showing the size of the baby by comparing with a fruit/vegetable.
This is a cute idea for a new mom to be, so fun to look back at.

And then it's time to start documenting the birth. It's the beginning of lots of pictures
of very important day!

Now that Macie is 15 months old, its hard to believe she was ever this small.
Don't they grow up too fast?

We added the little hat that Macie wore at the hospital, it sure is tiny!
Crystal saved lots of great things to add to the book, the cute flower picks from the flowers they received at the hospital and the hospital tag with measurements.
It was a nice afternoon putting these pages together and remembering
and feeling so lucky to have this little girl in our lives!
Macie spent a couple of days with me last week as her Mommy had to travel out of town.
She loved playing with my old Netbook that no longer works. And she had her glittery Toms and toy cell phone handy. She's going to be a girly girl for sure!
It's fun to see Macie grow up and learn, she's just starting to love her babies.
Nothing is cuter than a little girl loving her babies!
Crystal needs to find more baby things to add to the Smash book
and I want to look through my stash and see what we can use for my next visit.
This has been a great mother/daughter project.
Thanks so much for stopping by today.
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Robyn said...

I love that Smash Book!..All the photos are so precious.. an Macie, well, she's just beyond beautiful ..

Stacy said...

A smash book seems like a great project to do together with my mom! Thanks for giving me the idea. Your granddaughter is adorable by the way.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I wish I had continued with documenting my boys lives when they were smaller. Now they are 17 and 14 and I am so far behind. When my oldest son was about 2 he carried a dolly around and cared for that thing like crazy -- wouldn't go anywhere without it. :) Macie is a cutie pie! Happy hump day! Tammy


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