Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Easy Christmas Craft Project

This Christmas season has flown by so fast and I really didn't get much accomplished in the
crafting department..although I did make a little something for my Secret Santa for work and
thought I'd share it with you...

It's very easy and if you have any of those peat pots leftover from last summer,
you can make one of these super fast and hand them out to
your co-workers, friends and/or family.

I made two grab how many peat pots that you want to make and the
same number of pipecleaners and get your glue gun heated up!
I also used this holiday ribbon that I found at Goodwill for $1
but you can use any ribbon you want.

Simply wrap the ribbon around and glue it on...
you'll want to fold the corners down and glue it down
then I added ribbon to the bottom
but ended up taking it off...
glue the pipecleaner down to make a handle
(you'll straighten it out later)

Then add some lace and 2 different wide strips of muslin
and tie it up with some tulle.
I hot glued this candy cane chipboard element that I had in my stash.
Add packet of hot chocolate, a chocolate Santa
and some marshmallows...
and you're ready to give it away...

Super easy and very cute!

This is the other basket that I made, on the same concept as the first but
just by changing the embellishment - the look is completely different...

I'm linking to these parties...

Happy Wednesday!

This girl is not ready for Christmas this year!


Artsy VaVa said...

This would be great for a Valentine gift too, Love it!

cathy@my1929charmer said...

I have many peat pots left over from seed starting, and never would of thought of using them. They are really lovely. Happy holidays.

Marilyn said...

What a cute it..Very creative :))) I would love for you to please share it via my Pin'Inspirational Thursday happening today please..Thank you in advance.. Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays :))..Cheers..Marilyn««your happy new follower here :))...

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous Terry! I love pretty packaging and this is so pretty! I love the new look of your blog pretty! Angie xo


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