Saturday, February 28, 2009

Treasures Continue at Goodwill

If you remember, on Wednesday, DH and I stopped at Goodwill before I had a dental appointment and I had some treasures in my hand but ran out of time to pay for them and sadly had to leave them behind.

Yesterday morning, I headed back to Goodwill and I am happy to say that they had two of the three things sitting right where I left them. I got my pink tray and little white platter but the shabby white tray was not there.

So not giving up, I walked through the entire store to make sure someone didn't pick it up and then discard it somewhere else. (I do this alot!) But someone must've brought it, I couldn't find it.

So what's a girl to do? Well it's not just take those two things and head home. Nope, I looked for more treasures and think I might have done better on Friday than I could have on Wednesday.

(I think I have a thing for birds now...)

Getting a head of myself, I went to WalMart and bought a bird nest and bird eggs for to set in my little cloche that I found for $2 - not bad for $6.30!

I also found another little white platter to add to the three that I already found there!

But, even though I was so impressed with all my finds, my greatest find were these three Willow Tree Figurines. I only bought one and left and then call my daughter and told her there were two more and she told me to head back and get the other two. So I headed back and they were still there! What somepeople give away is amazing!

"Angel of the Heart" -$6 and "Together" - $8(this got cut off - sorry)

"New Life" - $8

My three new Willow Tree figures - aren't they pretty - all for $22 - what a bargain!

The guy at Goodwill said that they get these alot and they leave as fast as they set them out...ok - I'm definitely hooked on this Goodwill Store - but today I best stay home and do some cleaining.

Have a nice weekend!


Ashley said...


Melanie@TheOldWhiteCottage said...

What wonderful things you picked up! I love birds too. Its hard not to when you're eagerly awaiting spring. ;-)

Have a good weekend!

Neabear said...

Probably some people have to downsize and get rid of things, then the rest of us can enjoy them the second time around.

trish said...

Yay!!! I am so glad that you were able to get at least 2 of the special items you were looking at. :o) I am happy for you. :o)


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