Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome to Dogs on Thursday!

I love these posts that share things about each other and Dogs on Thursday is hosting appropriately enough - Dogs on Thursday! Be sure to check out the other dog lovers and enjoy a cute picture or two and possibly a heartwarming story.

I'm a huge dog & cat lover and think we have the smartest dog around! It all started about three years ago, my daughter and I decided to volunteer at our local Humane Society and walk dogs and play with the cats. We'd show up on Saturday mornings and spend an hour there and go home wishing we could save all of the dogs & cats. Each week we find the perfect dog and I'd call DH on the cell phone and plead with him to leave work and come check out the most adorable dog that we had to have. We'd come home with stories of all the cute things we saw and Steve admited that he always wanted to have a dog.

And so Steve researched the pets available online and found a picture of Storm. They told us that Storm had been at the Humane Society longer than any other dog and they couldn't figure out why because he was such a nice dog and very good natured.

So one day I left work early and meet DH at the Humane Society and DH was already there walking Storm around and I knew - Storm was coming home with us!! We signed the paperwork and went and bought a doghouse, food, dishes, toys, treats - you name it - and it was so much fun! And we hurried to pick up Storm and head for home. We spent many nights sitting outside with Storm not sure if we could bring him in the house because of thee cats. Would he chase after them? Was he housetrained? What was going to happen to our house? But we let him in and he was perfect. He stayed beside us and didnt' pay any attention to the cats. In fact, the cats walked right up to him and loved him immediately.

Storm now lives the life of luxury. We sold the dog house & kennel and Storm is not a house dog. He sleeps on our bed all day long and has the best view of the outside. It's not uncommon to see Storm and the three cats all on our bed napping together!

We can't imagine what our life would be life if we didn't have our Storm. So here's some picturs of our wonderful dog, Storm!

I encourage everyone to visit your local Humane Society - you'll never know how lucky you could be!


Mindy said...

Oh, what great photos! He looks like the life of the party and so happy.

Diane said...

He's so cute Terry! Exactly the kind of dog I wish I could find for the kids.

Kris said...

Beautiful doggin'!!
I love Debbie Macomber too!

joyh82 said...

What a cute dog. I love the boa picture ;) He looks very gentle.

Neabear said...

Sounds like Storm was meant to be with your family. Glad it has worked out well for you.


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