Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Gilded!

Can you believe it's Saturday already? Crystal and I spent most of last Sunday crafting. We were busy gilding, spray painting and dreaming of our next projects.

Here's my little gilded pumpkin!

It's so cute that now I need to make some more...good thing I went to Hobby Lobby this morning. Housecleaning can wait.. :)


Crystal said...

Nice! Check out my blog to see my pumpkins!

Room to Inspire said...

Hi Terry,

I have never "gilded" anything, but I am now inspired. This pumpkin looks great!


bj said...

I bought 2 little pumpkins yesterday..planing to paint them white...
Your golden one is pretty!!

Neabear said...

That looks great!! Looks like fun too. I have never done that type of craft before.


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