Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary - How Does Your Garden Grow?

This summer has been the perfect summer for our landscaping....

The white lillies bloomed...we planted them last year and forgot about them...I've never seen white ones before!

This row of hostas is on the side of our garage and they look perfect and so healthy! This picture was taken earlier this month but they are much bigger now!

I love russian sage but it tends to take over...

Everything is so green, could be the 3 inches of rain we got overnight this week followed by 85% humidity?!?

I never knew hostas could get this big!

The bunny hides in the landscaping, but we do have a real bunny who visits us often.

Here's our tomato plants and DH planted cucumbers underneath it. Does this make a statement or not? 

And talk about fun trying to pick the tomatoes. The ripe ones are buried deep inside!

You'll have to look very closely, there is a bird bath in there!

How beautiful and in my backyard!

With all the rain and humidity, our landscaping is really taking off this year!

More flowers about ready to bloom!

Next year we're planning on building a shed, just past the pink flowers and do some fun landscaping around it...

But for today, I'm going to a Quilt Show in town. Thanks Jen for telling me about it!
Happy Saturday!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

You gardens are so pretty! Some hostas can get quiet large. I have two and they do ok in the pots, but have not had any luck planting them in the ground.

Marti said...

Your yard and gardens are gorgeous! I have never been able to grow hostas, yours are just incredible. I really like your curving cement borders too.

Denisa said...

What a wonderful yard. I am in awe of your tomato plants!! I never knew they could get so big.

Jeralee said...

The hostas are gorgeous. I finally moved my one hosta to a shadier location and it is doing a bit better.

I love your purple conflowers and black-eyed susans... what a nice place to just wonder around and look at the flowers!

Dawnll said...

Love the garden photos, hoe beautiful it all looks. My hostas are huge this year also.
Thanks for your kind comment and entering my giveaway. Good Luck sweetie!


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