Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Motivates You?

I'm almost to 300 followers and I've never had a giveway.
So once I'm there, I'll have a giveway...

I've started on a few projects but never seem to be able to complete anything.
I'm just not motivated to do much of anything.

It's too cold to spray paint and it's too cold to do much outside and it's dark going to work and it's dark coming home from work.

One of my uncompleted projects is to finishorganizing my office/scrapbook room...

Things are starting to pile up...
These are my before pictures...I still have stuff to do but it's a lot better than it was.

I'm hoping to finisht it tomorrow night...
I went to Michaels today and got some great stuff, courtesy of a giftcard I got from my son.

three Sizzix dies...

Some pretty, glitzy, shiny valentine embellishments...

small pad of Valentine scrapook paper and more blig.

and I have 4 empty toilet paper rolls that I'll be making a
Valentine mini album.

Shopping is my motivator, what motivates you?


Samantha G said...

I am dying to know what, exactly, you're going to do with those TP rolls! For some reason I've been fascinated with reusing/repurposing toilet paper and paper towel rolls ever since I was a kid. Use it as a tube to roll up a poster into, use it as something to roll scraps of ribbon around and save them, painting them and using them as a gift box, the list goes on.

I should answer your question- what motivates me? I guess, in some ways, the OPPOSITE of shopping. As in for my current project: "Oh, look, I have all these frames sitting around. I should fill them all with new art and sell them and get rid of them" :) I did too much shopping!

Tammy said...

Ok you had my attention at tp rolls. Haha Motivator? hmmm.
Well this year my motivator is doing with what I have. I tend to buy more rather than use what I have already bought so this year I told myself to use what I have - and buy nothing unless a staple that is needed like paint, glue etc. It should be interesting and will challenge my creativity a bit. Now I just need to start creating. Why is it so hard to get back into the swing of it after the holidays?

thanks for participating in my give away..a new follower here.


ponytails and cowlicks and wildcat pride said...

whoohoo...I'm your 300th follower!!!


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