Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Today's guest blogger is Amiee who is an avid reader and an equally enthusiastic blogger.
She loves to share home keeping and decoration tips.
Today Aimee is going to share some fun ideas for wrapping gifts...

Generally, we all have seen that people always pay much attention on selecting the
gift items whether it’s small or large items. But a simple modification in presenting your
gift with the creative ideas of gift wraps adds more fun and excitement to the occasion.
No person can imagine that a simple birthday gift wrap can make your present look
unique and special among all other gifts.

You can also add personalize touch in designing the gift wrap according to
your liking and taste. Choosing the paper, pattern, color or design and the way you
present it, matters a lot when you give a gift to someone. Choosing a gift and carefully
wrapping it will show your concern and love for the person. If you are the lover of
eco-friendly ideas then recycled birthday gift wrapping paper can be ornamented with
natural items like flowers, branches, beans, pearls, shells or disposable leaves to make
you gift look extremely beautiful. No doubt, it will take time, effort and practice to
perfectly wrap the presents buy all these efforts are worth it.

Different themes or ideas can be used for different age-groups and relations.
A well wrapped and ornamented gift stands out amongst a huge pile of gifts and looks
and feels special to the receiver. The decorative gift wraps can be made more
personal by adding personalized wishes and messages for the person who receives it.
You can also stick pictures, cartoons or the favorite actor or sportsman of the person
 who receives it. This will not only look creative but also create a memorable
moment for your loved one and he or she will always cherish the moment.

One must be careful while selecting the gift wrap which takes time, effort and observation
to make it look perfect wrap present. These days, many online websites provide exciting
gift wrapping ideas in a variety of options. All you need to do is choose an option and
order you do not need to be crafting it all by yourself.



Make cute paper flowers and use on gift wrapping..

A good combination of gift wrapping paper and ribbon can be look fabulous!!

Feathers can make it elegant and a unique gift presentation...


Use paint chips and make it beautiful!!

Who knew that a simple craft paper/cardstock with holes can look so stunning!!

Buttons and bakers twine...simple yet so fun to put together...

Thank you Aimee for showing some cute ideas for jazzing up gifts! Amiees a pro when it comes to bathroom organization with bathroom cabinet selection and utilizing the bathroom mirror to the optimum for a spacious and decorative interior.
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