Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SMASH - What the BLEEP was I Thinking?

Yes, I'm alive - I just took some time off from blogging and got several projects done around here.
I'm back and today and would like to share a few pages from my SMASH book.
SMASHING is a great project for anyone, especially people who don't scrapbook yet have
mementos that they want to keep to remember.
SMASH book costs $15 and many times you can use a coupon
and get it 40-50% off at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns.
Target carries them but they don't offer any coupons, that I'm aware of.

I'm one of those people who get all excited about something and spend lots of time
at the beginning really loving it but this SMASH thing is so much fun.
I haven't decorated the outside of it like many people do, maybe later.
 These two pages were inspired by a You Tube challenge from
One Happy Crafty Chick.
The challenge was to have at least two pictures of yourself with unflattering hair, clothes, makeup,
something that made you think - 'What the BLEEP was I thinking?'
When I started looking through pictures, first of all there aren't a lot of pictures of me.
I am usually the person taking the pictures but the ones I did find had a common
denominator - I had perms and they were really curly! 
The next two pages, were not part of a challenge but rather pictures I pulled out of photo albums.
I LOVE these pictures of my hubby. He's the most gorgeous man and I love him dearly.
 I love this picture, my youngest was baking away with her Easy Bake Oven
and Steve was watching her and also ready for any samples as they were available.
I've taken so many pictures of Macie and many of them have been used for layout pages but there are still so many that I hadn't used.
I know some people SMASH magazine clippings but I want to
keep my more of a scrapbook SMASH book with pictures
that we'll enjoy looking at years from now.
For these two pages, I filled one page with strips of washi tape that I have
You know, years from now, washi tape just might be a thing of the past.
Thanks for stopping by today!
I'm thinking about doing a monthly SMASH challenge, let me know if you'd be interested.
 For more SMASH inspiration, please visit my SMASH book board on Pinterest.
Have a wonderul day!


Unknown said...

I just got my smash book in the mail!! Can't wait to get started :-)

Dawn S said...

I love your book! I was thinking of making myself an idea book out of one of those! You have inspired me =) and I too remember the 80's hair! I am shocked we aren't all bald today!

Vanessa said...

Love your pages! I've been wanting to get a smash book, but I have WAY too many scrapbook supplies and empty notebooks that I plan to alter one day. Maybe one day!

foreverdecorating said...

I looked the same during those years...we were styling!

julianne said...

i still don't really get what SMASH is....? just scrapbooking stuff? i don't see the whole "fuss" over it?


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